Hairdresser, Salon Manager & Educator

In full-time employment, part-time or freelance at Olivia Garden in Herstal, Liège area (Belgium)

Why should you read this job offer?

You want to develop and grow, individually and together with your colleagues and the company? Then come join an enthusiastic team that strives every day to make a difference in the hairdressing world. Are you our missing puzzle piece for our own Olivia Garden Hair Salon?

Who are we?

Olivia Garden is empowering hairdressers around the world in their creativity with professional hair tools. We strive to be a customer-centric business that always has the interest of the professional in the salon at heart. We can tell you with pride that we often hear from hairdressers we talk to, that we gave them their favourite tool in their hands.

WE apply to YOU

Like we put the hairdresser in the centre of our business, we put the people in the team in the centre of our company culture. This also means that you are not only applying to us, but we also apply to you. 

We see Olivia Garden as a dynamic company, where everybody finds his/her role to support the steep growth of the company. A hands-on mindset, idea creation and motivation to follow through for these opportunities find a collaborative environment in a flatter hierarchy where every team member is heard and can develop in his role. 


What is your role?

Title says “Hairdresser, Salon Manager & Educator”. But here’s a twist: We do not put emphasis on job titles in our company culture, but like people taking roles depending on the challenge.

You will be focussing on our own hair salon, we recently built into our headquarter in Herstal. At Olivia Garden we do not just pretend to be centred around professional hairdressers – we need them IN our team to base every decision on their needs.

Now, the OG Salon is fully equipped but still not complete – without you bringing the joy of hairdressing inside.

So please fill the OG Salon with life!

But there is more…

What else?

You will be at the heart of the business, influencing major decisions of the team with your hairdressing expertise in these roles:

  • Salon Manager: Starting the business and running the hair salon at Olivia Garden in Herstal
  • Hairdressing Expert: Collaborating with our Marketing and Product teams to help develop better products for hairdressers
  • Educator & Trainer: Possibility to majorly develop and expand the Olivia Garden Education program for other professionals

For this, we look for you as a hairdresser that…

is highly skilled and passionate about the art of hairdressing and its current trends
has a business mindset and is enthusiastic to create something beautiful
truly identifies with the spirit and values of the Olivia Garden brand
likes to communicate – in the salon, with the OG team, on Social Media

Teambuilding_closertoHAIRDRESSER_Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 14.54.30

We believe in experience that gave you skills and competences – but also in development.
So we are interested to hear from you what you bring in fitting these roles, but also where you want to develop yourself to match the roles – and evolve further at Olivia Garden. 

If you speak English, it is a plus. The unifying language of our international team in Herstal is English.

Are we a match?

We hope that our words on our culture as well as the role description sparked interest in you, as this is how we want to win you for joining Olivia Garden. 

Nevertheless, we also have a few perks, that add value to our great work environment based on wellbeing of people: 

Remote work and flexible working times can be possible depending on the requirements of the role,
A gym and the needed amenities
A lounge area where you can relax and play games with your colleagues or even read a book
Coffee, drinks, snacks and fresh fruits
An attractive salary package aligned with your experience
A rewarding bonus system  

What’s next?

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We love to hear about your experience and what you can bring in. In a next step we would then like to meet you to discuss in more depth the role we want to fill as well as the team you would come into.

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