In the competitive world of hairstyling, it's not just about cutting and coloring anymore. The most successful hairdressers know the importance of offering a complete package to their clients. This guide explores why selling hair brushes can be a game-changer for your salon business. Read on to discover how this simple step can improve client satisfaction, loyalty, and your salon's revenue.

Why should you resell brushes in your salon?

Don’t you just love the moment when your client smiles after seeing the result of your creativity in his hairstyle? But … after leaving the salon, he will have to handle the hair on his own until his next visit to your salon.

Most hairdressers—maybe you as well—provide them with a good shampoo and conditioner to use at home. But is that sufficient for them to get their hairstyle perfect at home as well? Often, they won’t smile again at home as they did in your salon… Ouch!

Successful hairdressers don’t oversee the big opportunity they have with reselling brushes. Here’s why you should join them…

Don’t let them ruin your creation at home, resell brushes to them!

Sometimes, not only the shampoo or conditioner is a problem in your client’s haircare, the brush too! It will be a huge life-changer in your costumer’s haircare at home, as well as increasing the chance of your client coming back, as your consideration for them will build their loyalty to you.

Your support does not end at the salon door

As a hairdresser, you take care of your costumer’s well-being in addition to their hair. Making them feel your support is essential not only before and during the service but after as well… They will be happy to return to your salon when they feel well and are convinced about your expertise. Bonus: they will promote you to their friends when they praise your beautiful creation!

Raise your revenue by reselling brushes

If you sell haircare liquids and accessories, you can sell brushes too. Don’t miss out on the chance to fill in a blank in your business strategy. Many hairdressers find it quite effective in increasing their income!

It’s not hard to convince your clients

As brushes are the most used tools in the haircare routine, you will be surprised to know that a lot of clients would love to buy a professional brush, they just don’t know which one is good for them. Knowing your customer’s habits can help you get the best out of their hair, and it can give you a good idea on which brush to sell them. They will be more confident about buying from you as their hairdresser. I mean, who is better at giving advice on hair than you?

It’s so easy to start reselling brushes!

Try the Fingerbrush Combo by Olivia Garden: it’s an excellent tool for hairdressers and their customers, thanks to the soft nylon bristles and boar bristles it helps detangle and give a healthy shiny effect all the while giving a massage, no wonder it’s Olivia Garden’s best seller. And guess what? Different colours exist for you and your customer’s pleasure!