From a small family business in Belgium to a global market leader supporting professional hairdressers in salons worldwide. This is our story...

Jean Renette

Born in Belgium, Jean Rennette is now living and working in California, looking back at a story of success. The result of always taking care about the needs of professional hairdressers: The best brushes and scissors, that are used not only in salons worldwide but also backstage at big shows and events by celebrity stylists.
Hard to imagine, that the story of the founder and President of Olivia Garden starts with waterskiing in France, when he met the love of his life…

Micheline introduces Jean to the world of beauty and they decide to start a business together in 1967: they founded Olivia Garden in Liège, Belgium.

At first, they manufacture high-quality synthetic wigs and hairpieces marketed as a fashion accessory.

The early years of Olivia Garden show big success, founded on the same principles as still there today: Standing at the side of hairdressers and solving problems they experience in their daily salon-life. In 1976, Jean & Micheline launch the first non-aerosol & eco-friendly liquid line called: Formulation.

They also start to collaborate with famous stylists from around the world at Olivia Garden educational events – the brand really takes off now!

During the ’80s, Silence HP, a genuinely silent blow-dryer, gets introduced to the market. It is the first of its kind worldwide. At the same time, a full line of patented perm curlers without rubber bands is launched.

When 1985 comes around, the Rennette family moves to the USA & opens a division of Olivia Garden in California. The European division becomes the master distributor of many US brands and continues to develop and sell the large portfolio of Olivia Garden products.

After the success of ProThermal, more hairbrush models come into life. The Ceramic+ion is the first brush in the industry that combines ceramic and ionic technologies. Healthy Hair answers the rising sustainability need in the sector as the first eco-friendly bamboo brush line. The technology of Olivia Garden’s brush ranges become a game changer for hairdressers and win multiple awards.

Jean Rennette then decides to develop Olivia Garden scissors, as the hairdressers look for perfect tools for their daily work at an affordable price.

Starting with the arrival of General Manager Kai Ziekursch, later joined by André Harms as Co-GM, the European division of Olivia Garden starts to grow heavily by refocussing the marketing & sales activities and building a larger team in the place of its birth, Belgium.

In the brush segment, new hero products like the iconic Fingerbrush are introduced, as well as more innovative concepts like iBlend to distribute hair color or Multibrush, a leave-in-hair thermal round brush with a detachable handle for longer lasting volume.

In 2020, Olivia Garden Europe refreshes the look of the Olivia Garden Brand and its logo. The start of a new chapter in the history of Olivia Garden! A new era of closeness to hairdressers starts with the opening of our own “OG Salon” in our completely renewed headquarter in Herstal, Belgium.
Our success is based on hairdressers worldwide that love Olivia Garden. We will keep on developing tools to make the hairdressers imagination come to life every day!

Meet our board of directors
Pierre RennetteVP of Special Markets Export
Kai ZiekurschGeneral Manager Co-Owner
André HarmsGeneral Manager

Andre Harms & Kai Ziekursh

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