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Hairdressing is not just craftsmanship. It is art.

As a hairdresser, you are an expert in creating beauty. It drives you every day to put a smile on the face of your clients when they see the result of your work. You are an artist and you love to express yourself in hairstyles you are passionate about. For this, you need excellent tools from a reliable partner. You hate to spend too much on products that are not worth the money.

Olivia Garden shares a big value with hairdressers: We love hairstyling!

We listen carefully to the feedback of our customers, who use our tools in salons around the world for over 50 years. We are proud to return the favor by supporting hairdressers in achieving stunning results in hairstyling. Hairdressers benefit by satisfying their clients more easily, gaining self-confidence and getting the acknowledgement they deserve.

Hairdressers trust Olivia Garden, because our high-quality tools are not only innovative and reliable but also beautiful and individual, underlining the hairdresser’s personality.

We believe, nothing should ever be in the way between the imagination of the hairdresser as an artist and the result he can achieve with the hair. For this, the hairdresser cannot accept any obstacles, like a low-quality product that does not meet his ability in creation.

When he makes a choice for an Olivia Garden tool, he enjoys getting empowered and supported in his passion for creating beauty every day. He gets a tool made by professionals for professionals.

Due to our passionate work, we can be proud of the fact that so many hairdressing artists say about their Olivia Garden brush, shear or accessory: “This is my favourite tool!”

By the way, we are hiring a hairdresser right now 

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