Experience the difference of SilkCut hairdressing scissors by Olivia Garden, where precision, comfort, and quality meet. Elevate your cutting game with our expertly crafted scissors to enhance your skills and deliver outstanding results.

Plus, all Olivia Garden scissors, including the SilkCut series, are crafted with a nickel-less steel alloy, guaranteeing a hypoallergenic and allergy-free experience.

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For each scissor line, we offer a corresponding thinner that’s tailored to meet your texturizing needs. These thinners are designed to provide extra texture to your hairstyles while effectively thinning down between 20% and 30% of the hair. Whether you choose Olivia Garden Xtreme, the versatile all-rounder SilkCut Scissors Line, or the more premium SilkCut Pro scissors, there’s a specially designed thinner to complement your choice.

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