The popularity of the Fingerbrush continues to grow worldwide every year. In fact, over 5 million of these brushes have been integrated into hair routines in the last three years alone. If you haven’t experienced the Fingerbrush yet, maybe it’s time to discover why it might be the missing element you never knew you needed.

The Fingerbrush literally translates to ‘finger brush’, but why did we choose to replicate the shape of fingers for our brush? Find out with Heidi in this video.

As a professional, you know what it takes to be there for your clients and to achieve amazing results that make them smile. At the same time you want to do your part to take care of our planet. We aim to support you, without compromising your dreams!

You don’t have enough with our Regular colors ? 4 times a year, we launch a new Limited Edition that has it’s own unique universe and colors