Spring is nearly here and it's time to give that new haircut your clients want so much! Discover how they can rock these 3 hair trends with the Expert Blowout Shine brush (and not only) by Olivia Garden.

Spring is here, sun is shining and all your clients want is to rock their hair!
Some of them might already know what they want but some don’t. To remedy this, here are 3 spring hair trends to propose to your clients when they do not know what they want!

Hair trends are mostly set up by hairdressers, celebrities, and influencers on social media, and know a real craze when there are a ton of people recreating them! At Olivia Garden, we identified – for you – three of the latest hair trends that popped up on social media.

Take a look at these spring hair trends and which Olivia Garden tools – including the Expert Blowout Shine – to use to achieve such results:

Side Parting Wavy

The Side Parting Wavy look is the cute basic hairstyle that does the work! You can’t go wrong with it as it suits pretty much everyone as it can be rocked on long and short hair as well! Plus, it’s super versatile and can be styled in many ways. From lovely old-fashioned Hollywood waves to a Y2K mermaid look, the Side Parting Wavy look is the go-to!

In a short sentence, the Side Parting Wavy look is creating a line in the middle or on the “side” of the head to create that separation between the hair so you can style it as you wish after.

How to recreate this look:


Take your Expert Blowout Shine (in 45mm), and your Fingerbrush Care Iconic boar & nylon.

Start with the Fingerbrush to gently detangle the hair to make sure there are no knots. Once done, take your section pick out of the brush and draw a line on the side of the head to create that separation between the locks.
Once the hair is detangled and separated, take your Shine brush and hairdryer to start creating those iconic Hollywood waves while following the hair separation you’ve created.
Now the waves are done, make sure to set them in place while hair spraying them.  If you want to create that voluminous effect in the front, you sure can use our Expert Stype Up to crimp the roots and give that gorgeous volume.

Italian Bob

Or how to rock very short hair in style!
The Italian Bob is a statement hairstyle since for ever and we couldn’t be more happy to see it coming back as a hair trend.

When your clients want to go short with their hair, make sure they leave your salon with this look!
One of its advantages is that the Italian Bob can be also styled in many ways. From a very straight bob with a bang to a curly one, the bob is the go-to for short-haired people!

Let’s see how to create this style:


Same as the first one, take your Expert Blowout Shine (in 25 or 35mm), Fingerbrush, and your SilkCut Pro scissors!

Use the Fingerbrush to detangle the hair while giving it this shine thanks to its boar bristles and create that stunning Italian Bob thanks to the SilkCut Pro scissors. If your client feels like it, do not be shy and add that bang for maximum vibe!
Now, that the base is created – take your Expert Blowout Shine and add some extra texture and volume to really give that Italian vibe! And as a final touch, use again the Fingerbrush to finish everything.

Your clients have now the chicest short look ever!

Mob Wife look

This hair trend is literally everywhere, it’s impossible to miss out! And what a look, you can really make a statement out of it!

The Mob Wife look is all about chic big voluminous hair. You can pretty much style it on short and long hair to get different vibes from it and let your clients rock their new hairstyle!

How to recreate the look:


Expert Blowout Shine (in 45mm), Fingerbrush, and SilkCut Pro are your best friends!

Start by detangling the hair with the Fingerbrush, then shape and style with the SilkCut Pro scissors, and finish by creating enormous bouncy waves with the Expert Blowout Shine to give that extra dimension to the look!
To loosen up the waves, use the Fingerbrush as the final touch and your look is now ready to be slayed!

The Bob 3 in 1

Do you want to know a secret?
You sure can make a look out of these three and be at the top of spring hair trends 2024!

How to do it?


Take all the Olivia Garden tools mentioned and all the steps from every look above and create the perfect mix of them all.
You now have it – The Bob 3 in 1!

Now that you know how to achieve all these hair trends, here is a bit of information about the tools used and why you should use them on a daily basis!

  • Expert Blowout Shine: Get a smooth and shiny blowout, thanks to even heat distribution on the ceramic barrel.
  • Fingerbrush Care Iconic boar & nylon: Detangle without pain thanks to its nylon bristles, add shine with its boar bristles, and experience that massage effect thanks to its shape for hair growth.
  • Expert Style Up: Perfect to tease the hair, create volume and make it shine.
  • SilkCut Pro: Get that unmatched precision, supreme comfort, and professional excellence with this scissor.

It’s time to give your clients the best spring hair looks you can find at the moment!
They’ll be more than happy to rock them like never!