At Olivia Garden, we are proud to present you the OG Brush, our very first brush made in Germany from ocean plastic, in collaboration with Montibello and Kevin Murphy Spain. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting collaboration👇

Introducing the first brush made in Germany from ocean plastic

We are delighted to announce a revolutionary step towards sustainability with Olivia Garden’s first-ever brush made in Germany entirely from ocean plastic. This exciting innovation results from a successful collaboration with Montibello and Kevin Murphy Spain.

A collaborative effort for a greener future

Working hand-in-hand with like-minded brands in the hairdressing industry, we have poured our heart into creating a product that aligns with our core values and showcases our unwavering commitment to a more sustainable future.

Introducing the OG Brush

The OG Brush is a testament to our ongoing efforts to bring production closer to our European headquarters and to incorporate more recycled and recyclable materials into our products.

Innovative design for longevity and convenience

What distinguishes the OG Brush?
Its innovative design features a removable cushion, making cleaning easier and significantly extending the brush body’s life.
This unique feature improves ease of use and reinforces our dedication to sustainability.

The impact of ocean plastic

Curious about ocean plastic and its impact?
Dive deeper into this crucial topic at

Join us on our sustainable journey

At Olivia Garden, we’re dedicated to positively impacting the environment. The OG Brush is more than just a brush, it’s a step towards a greener future. Join us on this journey and be part of the change.

What to remember?

With a focus on sustainable practices and innovative designs, we are setting new standards in the hairdressing industry. The OG Brush is not just an ecological choice, it is a statement of our dedication to preserving the planet.
Thank you for supporting us in this mission.

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