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You want to develop and grow individually and together with your colleagues and the company? Then come join an enthusiastic team that strives every day to make a difference in the hairdressing 💇 world! 

Like we put the hairdresser in the centre of our business, we put the people in the team in the centre of our company culture. This also means that you are not only applying to us, but we also apply to you, because:

  • You can help us to not lose pace in our steep growth of the company.
  • You have a hands-on mindset to create this growth.
  • You follow guidance from north stars like a clear purpose and vision, as well as short-term goals organized in clear cycles.
  • You enjoy a culture, where flat hierarchy is not just a buzzword, but your opinions and your ideas are valued, and you can share your knowledge with the rest of the team.
  • You want to evolve in a collaborative environment where we see teams as bubbles that can expand and intersect with others depending on the projects.
    In a nutshell, by joining the OG community you work IN & ON the system”

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