Discover how Matthew Curtis, UK hairdresser, took on New York Fashion Week 2024 with all of his favorite Olivia Garden tools!

During New York Fashion Week 2024, one of our closest hairdressers – Matthew Curtis, from the UK – took on this week and achieved stunning looks with all of his favorite Olivia Garden tools!

As a brand, we have always believed (and still do) in getting closer to hairdressers around the world by empowering them with all the tools needed to achieve their dreams. In this case, dreams are driven by hard work but mostly by creativity!

Creativity can be seen in the looks all hairdressers create, so it is time for you to discover all the hairstyles created by Matthew C. during the three shows he did during New York Fashion Week!

What about the hairstyles from the shows?

From Sun Jung Wan, Libertine to Falguni and Shane Peacock – Matthew C. used his favorite Olivia Garden tools to achieve all kinds of looks. From very neat and sleek styles to extravagant ones – he and his team pretty much achieved all kinds of looks with a very specific OG selection!

Here’s his selection of Olivia Garden tools:


You might (or not) think this selection is a bit small but have a look at all the styles that have been created:


Because videos speak more than words and images, here’s how it looked on the runway!

All looks achieved share an emotion and we couldn’t be prouder to know that these have been done thanks to our tools and Matthew C. and his team’s work!

We can not wait to do more of these and continue to equip all of you with our hairdressing tools!

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