Welcome to the wonderful world of Olivia Garden's best brushes for blowouts! Having professionally designed brushes specifically for blowouts in your drawers is a must-have. Here's your ultimate guide to Olivia Garden's round brushes for blowouts!

It’s time to uncover the answers you’ve been searching for with our top hairbrushes dedicated to blowouts!

Essential Blowout Classic

Venturing into the glamorous world of hairstyling can be daunting, especially when hunting for the perfect round hairbrushes for blowouts, let alone finding one at a reasonable price.

For those seeking a high-quality hairbrush without breaking the bank, consider the Essential Blowout Classic! It’s a well-balanced anti-ionic hairbrush that refines your craft and pleases your clients. With its ventilated cap, it prevents both hair and barrel from overheating while crafting stunning hairstyles.


Expert Blowout Shine

No introduction necessary—it’s one of our best-sellers! The iconic white and grey round brush is a staple for many, and here’s why.

It’s the go-to choice for achieving sleek styles with an ultra-shiny, radiant finish. How? Its tourmaline properties protect hair from dryness, frizz, and static electricity.

What’s even more exciting? Apart from the classic white and grey, this brush comes in stunning full black or pink options. Add vibrancy to your brush collection with the Expert Blowout Shine!


Expert Blowout Speed

Looking to upgrade in the blowout game?
Here’s the XL version of our gem, the Expert Blowout Shine!

What sets it apart besides its name? Its larger barrel is THE difference that will save you time on your hairstyles!

Indeed, its longer barrel allows you to complete your blowout much faster than any ordinary professional round hairbrush. You’ll save 25% of your time thanks to this much-needed longer barrel!

For this hairbrush, you can opt for the classic white and grey look we all know, or if you’re feeling a bit more fancy, go for a gold and brown design!

Saving time on your blowout or even for your clients is your goal? Here’s the solution you’ve been waiting for!


Expert Blowout Curl 

You are loving the 90s blowout look and you’re wondering how to achieve it?

With the Expert Blowout Curl make your hair dream come true! This specific one is the perfect brush for everyone who wants to create volume and stunning curls at the same time! Thanks to its curved shape ceramic barrel, you can reach deeper into the hair. And you get more grip on the hair thanks to its wavy bristles.

It is time now to rock this 90s look!


Expert Blowout Straight

Let’s stay in the 90s look era!

While big bouncy waves are enjoyable, another iconic 90s style is undeniably the super long, sleek hair! To achieve this stunning look, ensure you have the Expert Blowout Straight among your tools.

Why this brush? The Expert Blowout Straight stands out due to its specially shaped-ceramic barrel. It’s designed to aid in achieving a flawlessly straight blowout! With the addition of wavy bristles on the barrel, it provides extra tension, granting you an even better grip for that sleek result!


Expert Blowout Heat

Finding a professional round hairbrush suitable for very thick or afro-textured hair that requires intense heat for a smooth, straight look is always a challenge.

Enter the Expert Blowout Heat!

With its copper barrel and high-temperature resistance (up to 290°C), this barrel ensures hair protection against excessive damage!

Our round hairbrushes cater to all needs, from beginners to experts, in the fantastic Olivia Garden universe of professional round hairbrushes!

Don’t hesitate — fill your shelves with your favorite Olivia Garden brushes today!