Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to face the truth about the hairbrushes we daily use. We’re not gonna lie – how many of us often wash our hairbrushes? I’m telling you this, I don’t 😶 But that’s okay!

Now, you will know how to clean your hairbrushes and have them and your hair perfectly healthy and clean!

First of all, why should we clean our hairbrushes?

Simply because tons of nests of microbes can be found. Due to the hair, sebum, dirt such as dust, dead cells, residues of hair products and others. Which could, in the worst case, generate a scalp’s aggression but also cause unpleasant odours and even skin irritations.

Yes, that’s not very sexy saying such things like this but this is a reality. And obviously, we do not want that for you and your hair.

But also, having clean brushes means having long-lasting hairbrushes and healthy hair! It’s a win-win relationship in both ways and that’s great!

No more talking! Here’s how you can take care of your hairbrushes

First thing first, it’s important to remove the hair that doesn’t want to leave your brushes. And, for that, we have the perfect tool!

Let Olivia Garden introduce you to the “Brush cleaner“. A cleaner made out of recycled material that is fast and easy to use and it’s suitable to clean all sizes and models of Olivia Garden brushes. With the aim to extend all your brushes’ life.

How to use it? Simply by going through the brush’s bristles. Nothing more, nothing less. And by that simple movement, you will remove all those stuck hair.

That’s how you keep your brushes clean and permanent while participating in a more eco-conscious way of choosing your hairdressing tools.

That’s cool, right?

Now that you’ve taken your hair out of your brushes, it is time to get rid of those microbes and others stuff you can find on them.

Brush Cleaner

So, here’s how you can achieve perfect clean hairbrushes after removing your hair

  1. In a large bowl or even in your sink – fill it with water and add baking soda. This means approximately:
    1 litre of water for 4 to 5 tablespoons of baking soda.
    Leave your brushes in the water overnight. Except for the bamboo brushes which may get damaged in the water and bicarbonate mixture.
    And, then remove them from the water and let them air dry. You can use them once they are completely dry.
  2. On the same basis as for the first method, a bowl or sink will do. Then add warm water and mild shampoo.
    Soak your brushes for a few minutes. After these few minutes, scrub them with shampoo and rinse them with clear water. Once finished, let them air dry and use them once they are dry.
  3. The last tip, in a bowl or sink – add equal parts warm water and white vinegar and leave your brushes to soak for a few hours. Once done, rinse them thoroughly.

These methods disinfect and remove dust, dead skin and oil remaining on the brush bristles.

To keep in mind

How often should you clean your brushes?

Minimum 1 time per month. Ideally, twice a month.

To be done all the time

After each use of your brushes, remove the remaining hair with our brush cleaner.

Now that you know how to clean and take care of your brushes – and therefore your hair, all you have to do is get our brush cleaner and your brushes out of your drawers to give them a second life!

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