Take a look at how Anna Cofone took on London Fashion Week, creating stunning hairstyles with her favorite Olivia Garden tools!

Like we’ve said before, one of our mottos is “being closer to hairdressers“, and we stand firmly by that commitment!

Following the successful collaboration with Matthew Curtis and his team, we had the pleasure of partnering with another talented UK hairdresser, Anna Cofone, and her team on London Fashion Week. For those unfamiliar with Anna Cofone, she is primarily recognized as a celebrity and show hairstylist, having styled notable figures such as Lana Del Rey, Dua Lipa, and models like Claudia Schiffer.

As we truly believe in empowering the hairdressers with the best tools possible. It was, again, with great pleasure that we equipped a new hairdresser and her team with Olivia Garden tools!

So, what did Anna Cofone and her team create during London Fashion Week?

From the runaways David Koma to Sinead O’Dwyer – Anna C. used her very specific selection of Olivia Garden tools to craft a diverse array of hairstyles! The results ranged from super sleek looks to intricately structured and even extravagant ones! Notably, some looks across both shows shared similarities, yet each exuded a distinct vibe thanks to Anna C.’s artistry.

Here’s a glimpse into her chosen Olivia Garden tools:

Thanks to this selection, Anna Cofone crafted incredible looks for the shows.
Here’s a glimpse into two of her remarkable creations:

David Koma’s show:


Sinead O’Dwyer’s show:

Every look radiates a powerful essence, and we are thrilled that these masterpieces were brought to life with our tools and the dedication of Anna C. and her team!

We can not wait to do more of these and continue to equip all of you with our hairdressing tools!

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