Learn more about the Hair Festival Hamburg co-created by ourselves, discover how this day went and all the surprises german hairdressers have experienced!

The Hair Festival Hamburg, co-created by Olivia Garden Europe, is the first festival in Germany dedicated to hairdressers!

Since 2023, we have co-organized the Hamburg Hair Festival in the lovely city of Hamburg. The hope is to offer a place where hairdressers can all gather together during one day and enjoy some hairdressing activities surrounded by music, food, beverages, and, most importantly, fun.

This year, the Hair Festival Hamburg took place on June 30th, and let’s read how this day went!

What happened at the Hair Festival Hamburg?

Like said, for this second edition in a row, we were obviously there to meet many German hairdressers and have fun with them. And for a fact, we had fun with nearly 1900 hairdressers that day!

Who says festival says booth!
That’s why at our booth, there were many cool activities to be done! Such as getting your hair done, playing with a claw machine for the hairdressers to win one Essential Style Blend, or even using our super cute Fingerbrush’s AI filter just by taking a picture or video of yourself in a mirror with a phone.

We also held a show on the main stage called “Big Hair—Beach Waves-Blowout,” where our hairdressers gave tips on creating long-lasting blowouts using the right hairdressing tools with their Olivia Garden products. And the results were out of this world!

During the day, many other shows and contests organized by other brands took place on the main stage for the hairdressers to enjoy multiple hairdressing-related content. They also could enjoy musical acts and even a rave aerobic session between shows and contests!

As you read, you’ve noticed that everything has been done so that the hairdressers can enjoy their day—it is one specially dedicated to them! We know that we have succeeded, as everyone truly enjoyed this second edition of the Hair Festival in Hamburg. This means we can already share the date for the third edition in 2025.

Save the date; next year, we will see you at the festival on Sunday, June 25th!

And if you already feel like going to the next edition, you sure can pre-order your tickets right here!

In the meantime, here’s a little throwback on how this day went: