Our beloved best-seller just turned 10! Let's rewind a bit the Fingerbrush's story and tell you more about its features and more👇

Happy 10th Birthday, Fingerbrush!

May 15th was a special milestone for Olivia Garden as we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our beloved Fingerbrush. This event is more than just a celebration; it’s a true testament to innovation and excellence in hair care!

A joyous breakfast celebration

To honour this amazing milestone, our team enjoyed a delicious breakfast together. We took the opportunity to reflect on the incredible journey of the Fingerbrush. Something that started as a simple idea has now become an international sensation, transforming hair care routines worldwide.

More than a commercial success

The Fingerbrush is more than just a commercial success; it represents our dedication to quality, creativity and customer satisfaction. Every bristle and handle reflects our commitment to offering our customers the best hair care tools.

Looking forward to another decade of brilliance

We look forward to another decade of brilliance as we celebrate this significant milestone. We’re excited about the endless other hair transformations the Fingerbrush will deliver. Here’s to innovation, quality and you, our valued customers, for making this journey possible.

Cheers to the next decade! 🥂✨

The Fingerbrush in a nutshell

  • 55 colors of Fingerbrush in 10 years
  • Silver & purple is the first regular colour
  • 90 is the number of bristles a Fingerbrush has
  • The Fingerbrush is called the Fingerbrush because it reminds us of fingers
  • 18 limited editions is the number of limited editions launched since 2014
  • May 15 2014, is the date of the very first sale of Fingerbrush