Last month, during an amazing evening, we have presented to some belgian barbers our new barber brand called JEAN by Olivia Garden. So, let us tell you how this event went👇

As you may have read in our latest blog post or seen on our Instagram, we have launched a barber brand called JEAN by Olivia Garden.

JEAN is a barber brand dedicated to modern and classic barbers who want to achieve all kinds of results. It offers a great selection of barber basics and aims to be there for the barber—from day 1 to their expert level!

JEAN is more than a barber brand; it’s a legacy given to all of you!

Now, let’s get into the real matter.
Our very first launching event in the name of Olivia Garden, or more like JEAN by Olivia Garden!

For this new brand to see the light of day, we needed to see big! And by big, we meant a launch event.
That’s why, on April 21st, we welcomed some Belgian barbers at the Hoxton Hotel in Brussels for an amazing evening!

The real question is… How did this event go?

In one word: AMAZING.

We welcomed them all around for a drink and some quick snacks while embarking on the brand and product presentation with the help of our team and two of our close barbers, Geoffrey from Cap Jo and John from Studio 87!















Once the presentation was done, it was time for them to discover all the surprises we’d prepared!
From testing the products to tote bag personalisation to photobooth and tattoo stands – just know that some of them left with all four surprises. Meaning a personalised tote bag, a JEAN product, photos and a tattoo😜

We can assure you they had a super nice evening in our company. As much as we enjoyed spending it with them.

And, of course, we’ve ended this evening with a small party with the barbers and the Olivia Garden team!

It was the first time we had launched a brand and new products that way, and we couldn’t be more proud of how it went!
We’re looking forward to hosting more events to meet more of you!