It's been years that we were/are currently working on something very exciting and it is time now to reveal to you what all this work is all about! And I have to say, we are super proud of what we came with! Keep reading to know more about it!

As you have read just above, we’ve been working on a very exciting project for years! Now, it is time to reveal what this work is about.

As the brand Olivia Garden, we are well implanted and represented in the hairdresser world for ages in Europe and the rest of the world. We are super proud of it, but we knew we were missing something!

It’s been years since we’ve provided all of you, the hairdressers, with the best products needed! From hairbrushes and combs to scissors, you can always find the missing piece in your everyday tools!
But some of your colleagues were left aside… And we had to fix that!

The question is, who are your colleagues?

After years of working on it, we are super proud to present you our new brand and products specialised in barbering!

It’s name?
JEAN by Olivia Garden.

Why Jean?

As a tribute to the creator of Olivia Garden, Jean Renette!

Jean Renette and his wife Micheline created Olivia Garden in 1967 in Belgium before flying to the USA and expanding the brand there, hoping to answer the needs of hairdressers. And we have to commit—they succeeded well!

As a tribute to his work for Olivia Garden, we’ve decided to give his name, somehow his legacy, to our new barber brand!

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Because all artists deserve to be equipped with the right tools, here are our barber tools crafted for the modern barber:

The Military brush

One cushion in boar and nylon bristles. One cushion in nylon and/or boar brisltes only.

Three cushions, but for what reason?
With the military, you can change cushions as you wish and based on the result you want to achieve, making it a practical brush 2-in-1.

The Round Boar brush

A compact boar bristle round brush crafted to distribute natural oils while lifting hair, enhancing shine and boosting volume in both hair and beard. This brush is an ideal choice for easily upgrading hairstyles.

The Round Nylon brush

This small-diameter nylon round brush is equipped with heat-resistant bristles and an aluminium barrel, ensuring consistent styling when used with hair dryers. It is ideal for sculpting beards or crafting voluminous short hairstyles.

The Vented brush

This brush excels at easily handling semi-long hair with its vented design and nylon bristles, which speed up drying and detangling while boosting volume at the roots.

The Clipper comb

When used with clippers, this comb enhances the efficiency and precision of blended and faded haircuts. Its evenly spaced teeth and extended length make it easier to manage larger sections smoothly.

The Cutting comb

This comb is crafted for precise, professional scissor cuts, featuring varied tooth densities that effectively handle different hair lengths, allowing for quick, detailed, and effortless cuts.

The Cutting scissors (in 6″ & 7″)

Six-inch scissors with convex blades and a ball-bearing tension system deliver precise and smooth cuts, making hair and beard styling easier.

Seven-inch scissors, equipped with the same convex blades and tension system, provide accurate and fluid cuts. These are ideal for managing longer sections, larger beards, and mastering the scissors-over-comb technique with professional ease.

Both models are available for right- and left-handed users.

The Thinning scissors (in 6″35)

These six-inch thinning scissors, featuring 35 teeth, effectively remove 30% of hair mass. They are expertly designed to create balanced, textured styles with ease.

Available for both right- and left-handed users.

The Shaving Kit

The shaving brush features soft bristles that make applying luxurious foam to the skin easy, ensuring a smooth shave. Its comfortable grip makes it simple to use, and the included anti-slip bowl makes it an ideal companion.

All these men’s grooming products—or should I say “all these men’s and women’s grooming products”—as Jean aims to accommodate every barber out there! Nevertheless, with all these barber tools, from barber scissors to barber comb sets and beard care products, here are your new barber station essentials!

For the curious ones, have a look at our brand-new website dedicated to Jean!

Jean, like Olivia Garden, is a brand conceived and developed in Belgium by a dedicated Belgian team, with invaluable input from Belgian barbers. Our mission is to craft tools tailored to your needs and to achieve that; we rely heavily on the perspectives of the barbers themselves. Otherwise, this wouldn’t make any sense.

We are, then, super proud to let you know that all these barbers’ tools have been thought through, tried out multiple times and finalised with always the barber’s point of view! So we really do hope you’ll find your perfect everyday tool!

Now that JEAN by Olivia Garden is finally out, follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss any great content!

To Jean Renette, the barbers, and you, let’s make this new barber brand a great success!