Discover what will be your new barber essential tools in 2024👇 And as a little spoil, your new-to-be barber obsession tools are from our new barber brand, JEAN by Olivia Garden!

In this article, learn more about the must-have barber tools that will slightly become your new obsessions in 2024 and beyond!

Let’s dive in directly and introduce you to the barber shop tools by JEAN by Olivia Garden.

  • The Military brush
    A super helpful and handy brush to style the hair and the beard!

    This brush has two versions, one in nylon bristles and the other in boar & synthetic bristles.
    But what’s the difference between the two?

    The Military, with nylon bristles, is great for applying gel or wax all over the hair or beard and excels at detangling and styling. It’s perfect for a smooth and neat look!
    The Military, with its boar and synthetic bristles, will help you get the hairstyle you wish for but will also take care of the beard by easily removing dandruff.

    Now that you know their features, what makes these brushes a great product?
    The Military is only one brush with two interchangeable cushions, making it a great alternative to having two brushes in one, both with their properties!

    And to finish it all, the shell of the Military has a lifetime warranty!

  • The Clipper Comb
    Your new ally when paired with clippers!

    The Clipper comb is your new go-to for efficient blended and faded haircuts. This tool comprises evenly spaced teeth and an extended length for larger sections.

  • The Cutting Comb
    When clipper comb rimes with clippers, the Cutting comb rimes with scissors.

    The cutting comb is a precise, professional comb equipped with different tooth densities to manage different hair lengths and facilitate fast, detailed cuts.

  • The Cutting Scissors (in 6″ & 7″)
    Talking about combs is great, but you need good-quality scissors to use them! Here are the Cutting Scissors in 6″ and 7″.

    The 6″ scissors have convex blades and a ball-bearing tension system, helping you with precise and fluid cuts.
    On the other hand, the 7″ scissors offer the same features as the 6″ but are ideal for handling longer sections and larger beards.

    Achieve perfect and neat looks when using scissors and combs simultaneously for stunning results and happy clients!

  • The Thinning Scissors (in 6″35)
    Removing hair mass is needed before finishing all looks with cutting scissors and combs. Thanks to their 35 teeth, the Thinning Scissors by JEAN can remove up to 30% of hair mass and have perfect textured hair with minimal effort!

  • The Round Nylon Brush
    Great for both hair and beard, this heat-resistant brush provides uniform styling thanks to its aluminium barrel and nylon bristles.

    It is perfect for sculpting beards or creating voluminous styles for short hair.

  • The Round Boar Brush
    Thanks to its boar bristles, the natural oils will be distributed all over the hair while lifting it, adding shine and volume to hair and beard.

    With the Round Boar Brush, effortlessly enhance your styling.

  • The Vented Brush
    The vented brush by JEAN is easy to style with semi-long hair. Its vented design and nylon bristles accelerate drying and detangling, adding volume right from the roots.

  • The Shaving Kit
    Here’s your best professional barber kit aka the Shaving Kit.

    The shaving brush’s soft bristles apply a rich foam to the skin for a gentle shave and its comfortable grip makes it effortless to handle. Paired with the kit’s non-slip bowl, making it the perfect companion.

    What a way to get your professional barber kit for classic and modern shaving!

    You get it, all these barber shop tools will quickly become your must have barber tools thanks to their versatile assortment. Yet these are the perfect barber tools for beginners!

    JEAN wants to be the brand beginners and experts barbers rely on! JEAN is an ode to you, the professionals. And we are dedicating this brand to you with top barber tools!

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