Anna Cofone recently styled celebrity singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey at Ivor Novello Awards. Using a selection of Olivia Garden brushes, Anna created a stunning look that perfectly complemented Lana's elegant style. Discover the OG tools behind this glamorous look and learn how premium styling tools play a crucial role in creating stunning appearances.

The magic behind Lana Del Rey’s stunning look

This year, singer-songwriter sensation Lana Del Rey appeared at the Ivor Novello Awards and won the “Special International Award” celebrating her career and influence. Her stunning hairstyle was the masterpiece of renowned British celebrity hairdresser and founder of Hair & Care Project Anna Cofone.

Anna Cofone: The Hair Styling Maestro

Anna Cofone, known for her hairdressing skills, has worked with many celebrities, but her collaboration with Lana Del Rey at the Ivor Novello Awards is particularly notable. Well known for her dedication to creating the perfect look, Anna used an array of Olivia Garden brushes to achieve Lana’s glamorous hairstyle.

To create Lana Del Rey’s look, Anna Cofone used several Olivia Garden brushes and scissors, each chosen for its unique benefits:

  • Essential Style Double Tunnel: to create volume to the roots.
  • Expert Blowout Shine: This brush provided a flawless, glossy blowout, giving Lana’s hair a lustrous, groomed finish.
  • Expert Style Up: Perfect to tease, create separation and add that final touch to the hair.
  • Fingerbrush: This brush provided the soft touch needed to smooth and detangle Lana’s hair, ensuring it looked elegant.
  • Essential Style Blend: Perfect for versatile styling and defining waves with hairspray applied directly to the brush.

The result: An exceptional appearance

Her hair, styled to perfection by Anna Cofone using Olivia Garden brushes, complemented her sophisticated and timeless style.

A testament to quality and expertise

The collaboration between Anna Cofone and Olivia Garden at such a prestigious event underlines the importance of using high-quality tools to achieve exceptional results. Our tools are renowned for their excellent design and functionality, making them the go-to choice for top hairdressers like Anna Cofone.

Celebrating excellence in music and style

The Ivor Novello Awards continue to celebrate the very best in songwriting and composition. This year, in addition to recognising musical talent, the event also highlighted the exceptional art of hairdressing, with Anna Cofone’s stunning work on Lana Del Rey serving as a magnificent reminder of the creativity and skill required to create the perfect look.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights into the world of celebrity hairstyling and the tools that make it all possible!